TILT-5x Series – Dynamic Inclinometer

The TILT-5x dynamic inclinometer / tilt sensor family is a series of high performance, high resolution three axis digital dynamic or gyro compensated inclinometers that use the latest miniature technology in the form of accelerometer and gyroscope MEMS sensors. It is contained within a robust aluminum housing and several interface options such as USB, RS232, RS485, RS422, and 3.3 VTTL UART.

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  • Dynamic Tilt Measurement
  • Measuring range: Pitch: ±90°, Roll: ±180°
  • High resolution: up to 0.003° | 0.1 mg
  • Ultra low noise: 0.001°/Hz
  • Very low temperature offset drift: ±0.002°/°C
  • Highest output data rate: up to 2 kHz
  • Low power consumption: <250 mW (<50 mA @ 5 V)
  • Three-axis accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope data
  • Multiple interface options: RS232, RS485, RS422, USB, 3.3 V TTL UART, and Wireless
  • RS485 multi-drop networked capability
  • Robust aluminum housing
  • 18 month limited warranty

Industrial design

TILT-50A Series benefits from a blue anodized aluminum case. These sensors are tested to satisfy IP67 certification and can temporarily be immersed in 1 meter depth of water.

Versatile interface

The 6-Pin connectors for TILT-50A series are IP67 certified and guarantee the consistency of data communication in harsh environments. Output supported protocols are RS232, RS422, RS485, USB, SSI, and wireless

Smart data communication

TILT-50A series benefit from two LEDs that show the communication status of sensors while receiving data, sending data or computing offline.


Electrical Specifications

Power source4.5 – 36 VDC4.5 – 36 VDC4.85 – 36 VDC
Measuring rangePitch: ±90° , Roll: ±180°Pitch: ±90° , Roll: ±180°Pitch: ±90° , Roll: ±180°
Resolution±0.003° | 0.1 mg±0.005° | 0.1 mg±0.025° | 0.5 mg
Static accuracy:≤ 0.03° (Typical)≤ 0.05° (Typical)≤ 0.15° (Typical)
Dynamic accuracy (RMS):≤ 0.5° (Typical)≤ 0.75° (Typical)≤ 1.0° (Typical)
Zero offset error< ±0.02° (@20°C)< ±0.03° (@20°C)< ±0.1° (@20°C)
Noise density0.001°/√Hz0.002°/√Hz0.01°/√Hz
Temp. offset drift±0.002° /°C±0.002° /°C±0.01° /°C
Accelerometer range±2 g/±4 g /±8 g selectable±2 g/±4 g /±8 g selectable±2 g/±4 g /±8 g selectable
Output data rate1 Hz to 2 kHZ, Selectable1 Hz to 400 HZ, Selectable1 Hz to 200 HZ, Selectable
Baud rate2.4kbps – 921.6kbps2.4kbps – 921.6kbps2.4kbps – 921.6kbps
Data formatASCII, similar to NMEA 0183 protocolASCII, similar to NMEA 0183 protocolASCII, similar to NMEA 0183 protocol
Power consumption400 mW (80 mA @ 5 V)<250 mW (<50 mA @ 5 V)<250 mW (<50 mA @ 5 V)
GUI SoftwareWinCTi-Tilt®WinCTi-Tilt®WinCTi-Tilt®
Interface optionsRS232, RS422, RS485, USB, ISS, Wireless -RS485 with multi-drop networkedRS232, RS422, RS485, USB, ISS, Wireless -RS485 with multi-drop networkedRS232, RS422, RS485, USB, ISS, Wireless -RS485 with multi-drop networked
Temperature sensor resolution0.2°C0.2°C1°C

Mechanical Specifications

ProtectionIP67 (connector, cable, and housing)
DimensionsL=2.14” (54.4 mm), W=1.64” (41.7 mm),
H= 0.85” (21.6 mm)
(Optional cable as a
third party product)
Enclosure: Aluminum
Connector: Brass / Nickel
Cable molded head: TPU
Cable carrier: TPU or Nylon
Conductor insulation: PVC
Temperature range-40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
ConnectionCable gland
Connector M8, 6-contact (female)


Download TILT-50A Dynamic Inclinometer Product Brief and Datasheet through:

TILT – 50A Product Brief

TILT – 50A Datasheet

TILT – 55A Product Brief

TILT – 55A Datasheet

TILT – 57A Product Brief


To download the GUI software either use the first link, unzip the folder, and run WinCTi.exe or download the portable version (single file), just unzip and run WinCTiP.exe.

Download WinCTi-Tilt

Download WinCTi-Tilt Portable


Cable information:
Male cable M8,6-pin, 1 meter

Male cable M8,6-pin, 2 meters
Male cable M8,6-pin, 3 meters

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