Xtender series

A series of products allowing for system capacities from 0.5kVA to 72kVA that allow for the optimal use of available energy, either as an off-grid inverter, battery charger, current injector, or support to an AC source. The Xtender is a high-tech device and a key player in the management of an energy system.

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The Xtender series is comprised of three groups by power level corresponding to the XTS, XTM and XTH models. Whether configured individually, in parallel, split-phase, or three-phase, these devices allow for complete flexibility with respect to the desired energy system concept.

With its sophisticated software, the Xtender can be used in a wide range of applications. The Xtender series products are ideal devices for specific markets that need revolutionary solutions with all types of battery technologies.

Ease of use
The Xtender fulfils the requirements of the majority of applications with its factory settings, which makes it a plug & play device. Energy flows automatically and the auxiliary contacts are configured to provide genset auto-start and alarm functions.

The LEDs on the Xtender front panel allow the user to see in a quick glance how the device is working.

5 in 1
The Xtender is a true energy manager, unique and compact, that has 5 main functions. It can be an off-grid inverter, battery charger, current injector, transfer system and provide support to an AC source. With these functions, the available energy can be managed and used in an intelligent and efficient manner.

Power P30 /
Pnom [VA]
Battery voltage Unom [V]Corriente de transferencia
Imax [A]
Charger current
Imax [A]
XTS 900-12900**/500121635
XTS 1200-241200** / 650241625
XTS 1400-481400** / 750481612
XTM 1500-121500 / 1500125070
XTM 2000-122000 / 20001250100
XTM 2400-242400 / 2000245055
XTM 2600-482600 / 2000485030
XTM 3500-243500 / 3000245090
XTM 4000-484000 / 3500485050
XTH 3000-123000 / 25001250160
XTH 5000-245000 / 45002450140
XTH 6000-486000 / 50004850100
XTH 8000-488000 / 70004850120

** Additional power with the ECF-01 fan module, as an option

Features and performances

  • True sine wave voltage
  • Reliable and silent with any kind of load
  • Outstanding overload capabilities
  • Smart-Boost function for assistance to the source even with difficult loads
  • Automatic reduction of peak loads (power shaving)
  • Multi-stage programmable battery charger with PFC (Power Factor Correction)
  • Stand-by level adjustable over a large range and from a very low threshold
  • Ultra-fast transfer relay
  • Control by digital signal processors (DSP)
  • High efficiency
  • 5-year warranty


RCC-02 Remote Control and Programming Centre

The RCC-02 enables the user to supervise the system and to completely adapt it to the needs through the many parameter settings available on the Xtenders, on the VarioTracks and on the VarioStrings.

Thanks to its digital display, the RCC-02 provides clear and comprehensive indications on the state of the system in the chosen language.

The device memorizes the events that occurred on an installation and therefore anticipates any future problems.

A SD card reader is available and allows parameters recording, as well as the uploading of various pre-settings and of all future updates.

RCC-03 Remote Control and Programming Centre

The RCC-03 enables the user to supervise the system and to completely adapt it to the needs through the many parameter settings available on the Xtenders, on the VarioTracks and on the VarioStrings.

Thanks to its digital display, the RCC-03 provides clear and comprehensive indications on the state of the system in the chosen language.

The device memorizes the events that occurred on an installation and therefore anticipates any future problems.

A SD card reader is available and allows parameters recording, as well as the uploading of various pre-settings and of all future updates.

Battery Status Processor BSP

One of the most important information for a safe and effective operating of an energy system with batteries is their state of charge. The BSP offers, for Xtender, VarioTrack and VarioString systems, a highly precise measuring and an extremely efficient algorithm that calculates the state of charge in the most accurate way.

The remote control RCC-02/03 provides the display, the data logging, the graphical display of the state of charge history and the settings. Values of the BSP can be used in the programming of the Xtender, VarioTrack and VarioString system. Besides, 17 different values can be displayed like for instance:

  • State of charge
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Time to go
  • Throughput energy
  • Battery temperature

The BSP is offering a voltage measuring for 12, 24 and 48 V batteries and a current measuring by resistive shunt.

Two models of BSP are available:

BSP 500 (with a shunt of 500 A)
BSP 1200 (with a shunt of 1200 A)

Communication module Xcom-232i

The communication module Xcom-232i, equipped with a serial port RS-232, enables to be informed of the state of a system consisting of one or several Xtenders, VarioTracks or VarioStrings.

It is then possible to read all data that can be displayed on the remote control basic screen and also to modify the configuration parameters. An Xtender, VarioTrack or VarioString system can therefore be connected to various SCADA control and supervision devices (PC, programmable logic controller, and microcontroller).

From a more technical point of view, the electrical interface RS-232 allows for instance the data transmission with GSM modems, RS-232 bridges to TCP/IP or also with long distance converters RS-422. Besides, in order to secure a total electrical separation between the Xtender, VarioTrack or VarioString system and the control and supervision device, the port is protected by means of a galvanic isolation.

The module Xcom-232i is also having a function of data recording and analysing (Data logger function).

If you have no serial port RS-232, there is a version with CAN bus.

Communication sets by internet with Xcom-LAN / Xcom-GSM

Xtender, VarioTrack and VarioString systems can now be constantly controlled from any remote terminal, computer, tablet or smartphone. The communication sets Xcom-GSM and Xcom-LAN allow connecting to sites with GSM mobile coverage or with internet-connection over a local network.

Studer Innotec provides this «plug-and-play» solution using a secure server and a simple and user-friendly interface.

The interface allows for remote interaction with the installation exactly as if on-site with the remote control RCC-02/-03, including: access to all parameters, real-time display of measured data of all devices included in the system and access to the last 30 days of log files.

Furthermore this solution makes it possible to consult the system’s event log at any time. It also allow users to configure alarm messages to be sent to one or more persons by e-mail or SMS. Any loss of internet connection can be indicated.

Xcom-LAN or Xcom-GSM?
Studer Innotec offers two different communication sets for providing access to the installation via internet. The available means of communication at the location of the installation will determine which set to choose.

If the installation has access to internet through a local area network (LAN), choose the Xcom-LAN set. If there is no available connection to the internet but access to a GPRS or 3G mobile network*, choose the Xcom-GSM set.

* the compatibility should always be verified with the mobile phone network operator

Communication set Xcom-LAN
The set includes one Xcom-232i, one Ethernet port and all necessary accessories

Communication set Xcom-GSM
The set includes one Xcom-232i, one cellular modem and all necessary accessories. The SIM card is not provided.

Multi-protocol communication module Xcom-CAN


This tool enables the communication between BMS, Lithium Battery Management Systems, and products of the Xtender / VarioTrack / VarioString family. The list of batteries (manufacturers) compatible is available on request at Studer-Innotec. The Xcom-CAN makes it also possible for any device with a CAN bus (PC, PLC and microcontroller) to interact with all products of the Xtender / Vario family via a proprietary protocol. Like having the system controlled by a supervisor (SCADA) while giving the third system an access to all data (configuration parameters and datalog).

X-Connect Multi Xtender System

The pre-wired mounting offers a flexible and cost effective solution for high power systems (up to 63 kVA) based on the XTH inverter/charger.

The frame is supplied with :

  1. Pre-installed DC circuit breakers.
  2. Pre-installed DC fuses.
  3. Pre-installed DIN rails.
  4. Interconnection pipes and gland for auxiliary contact wiring.
  5. Interconnection pipes and gland for AC wiring.
  6. Interconnection pipes and gland + 90 mm2 wire terminated with appropriates ring tongues for DC wiring from Xtender to breakers and fuses.

With screw set for the frame assembly.

Communication Cable for multi-unit Systems

This communication cable enables Xtenders, VarioTrack and the VarioString to be connected together in order to build multi-unit systems.

Several Xtenders, VarioTracks and VarioStrings can therefore be used in the same installation to make either a 3ph system, to increase the power of one phase, or both.

Up to 9 Xtenders,15 VarioTracks and 15 VarioStrings can then be combined, offering a power max. of 72 kVA and 75kWp for the VarioTracks and 105kWp for the VarioStrings.

RCM-10 Remote Control Module

The RCM-10, optional with the XTM series, offers the following functions:

Main on/off of the inverter

  • (Achieved by connecting a potential free contact between terminals 1 and 2)

Function input

  • (Driven by a dry contact between terminals 5 and 6, with a bridge between terminals 3 and 4 or by an AC or DC voltage of max 60 Veff between terminals 4 and 5)

Principle Diagram


Rail DIN mounting.
Dimensions (h x l x w): 45 x 73 x 45 mm.
Supplied with 3 m cable (length max. 5 m).


Uninterruptible Power Supply off-line with inverter/charger Xtender

In this configuration the grid supplies directly to the appliances, thanks to the inverter/charger’s by-pass function. In case of a power drop or a cut in the grid, the inverter/charger guarantees the appliances’ power supply. The UPS mode of the Xtender offers a switching time less than 15ms.

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