DC/DC converters, MDC series 12-24V

The DC/DC converters MDC are used, depending on the model, either to step up or to step down a DC voltage.

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​Features and Performances:

Power [W]Battery voltage Unom [V]Output voltage [Vac]Output current [A]Isolated
MDC 1224-71709-18 Vdc247Non
MDC 2412-56518-35 Vdc13.2 Vdc5.5Non
MDC 2412-810518-35 Vdc13.2 Vdc8Non
MDC 2412-1216020-35 Vdc13.8 Vdc12Non
MDC 2412-2027520-35 Vdc13.8 Vdc20Non
MDC 2412-3041520-35 Vdc13.8 Vdc30Non
  • High efficiency
  • Low consumption
  • Protection against short-circuit, overheating overvoltage and reverse polarity
  • Great stability of the output voltage for a more reliable system

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