Battery chargers, MBC series 12-24V

The MBC chargers enable battery charging from an AC voltage supply source (genset, public grid, shorepower, etc.).
These chargers are also watertight (IP65), and therefore, especially designed for outdoor applications.

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Features and performances

Input voltage [Vac]Output current [A]Output(s)
MBC 12-06/1230 ±15 % (40 – 60 Hz)61
MBC 12-15/1230 ±15 % (40 – 60 Hz)151
MBC 24-03/1230 ±15 % (40 – 60 Hz)31
MBC 24-08/1230 ±15 % (40 – 60 Hz)81
MBC 24-15/1230 ±15 % (40 – 60 Hz)151
  • Universal input voltage
  • Charge of lead acid batteries with liquid or gelled (GEL) electrolyte
  • Protection against battery overcharge



Uninterruptible Power Supply on-line with inverter

In this system, the battery charge functions and appliances ‘power supply are separated: On one side is a battery charger, and on the other, an inverter. Grid current fluctuations have no impact on the appliances.

Uninterruptible Power Supply off-line with inverter/charger Xtender

In this configuration the grid supplies directly to the appliances, thanks to the inverter/charger’s by-pass function. In case of a power drop or a cut in the grid, the inverter/charger guarantees the appliances’ power supply. The UPS mode of the Xtender offers a switching time less than 15ms.

Backup applications-UPS with solar backup and solar priority with inverter/charger Xtender

When it is forbidden or there is no incentive to inject energy into the public grid, an Xtender inverter-charger combined with VarioTrack or VarioString MPPT solar charge controller will minimize the grid consumption in favour of the locally produced energy. They will also guarantee an energy supply in case of grid-failure. This solution is easy to set-up using Studer products.





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