Battery splitters, MBI series 12-24V

The MBI MOSFET battery splitters supply current from the charger or alternator to several batteries. They generate an insignificant voltage drop. All batteries are thus charged at the same time, and therefore will not charge or discharge each other.

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Features and performances

Battery voltage Unom [V]Charger current Imax [A]Input currentOutput(s)
MBI 100/2 IG12 / 24100A12
MBI 150/2 IG12 / 24150A12
MBI 100/3 IG12 / 24100A13
MBI 150/3 IG12 / 24150A13
MBI 200/3 IG12 / 24200A13
MBI 2-100/312 / 24100A23
  • Automatic adjustment to the batteries voltage
  • Possible charge of the battery from an alternator
  • Voltage drop < 0.4 V at 100 Amp
  • Suitable for electronic alternators

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