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The TILT-05 series inclinometer / tilt sensor module is a high performance, small size, dual axis inclinometer (or inclination sensor) that employs the latest accelerometer technology in the form of miniature MEMS inclinometer sensors.

CTi Sensors’ TILT-05 OEM inclinometer is designed as a low cost, low power consumption and high bandwidth tilt sensor module to offer an ideal solution for embedded systems and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) inclination sensor applications.

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  • OEM Tilt Sensor / OEM Inclinometer
  • Small size: 1″ x 1″ (25.4 x 25.4 mm)
  • ±90° two dimensional measurement range
  • Three-axis accelerometer
  • High resolution: 0.1° | 1 mg
  • Low power consumption: <8 mA (@ 5 V)
  • Interface Option: 3.3V TTL UART
  • 18 month limited warranty


Power source3.3 – 12 VDC
Measuring Range±90° (two-dimensional)
Resolution0.1° | 1 mg
AccuracyErr. < ±0.4° (within ±60° of Horizon for each axis), ±0.8°elsewhere
Zero offset error< ±0.15° (@20°C)
Sensor bandwidth200 Hz
Repeatability< 0.1°
Accelerometer range±2 g/±4 g Selectable
Baud rate2.4kbps – 460.8kbps selectable
default: 115.2kbps
Data formatASCII, similar to NMEA 0183 protocol
Output data rate1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 40, 50,
and 100 Hz selectable
Power consumption<8 mA (@ 5 V)
GUI SoftwareWinCTi-Tilt®
Output data formatASCII
Interface3.3V TTL UART
Temperature sensor resolution1°C
Operating Temperature-25°C to +80°C (-13°F to +176°F)


Download TILT-05 Product Brief and Datasheet through:

TILT – 05 Product Brief

TILT – 05 Datasheet


To download the GUI software either use the first link, unzip the folder, and run WinCTi.exe or download the portable version (single file), just unzip and run WinCTiP.exe.

Download WinCTi-Tilt

Download WinCTi-Tilt Portable

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