Compact series

The Compact series includes devices with a power level ranging from 1.1kVA to 4kVA that allow for optimal use of available energy, either as an off-grid inverter, battery charger or solar charge controller. This range of robust products ready to be used offers an excellent price/efficiency relationship.

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All in one
Every product of Compact series combine 3 functions: performing standalone inverter, powerful battery charger and ultra-fast transfer system. All in a robust casing. Equipped with a programmable auxiliary contact, it allows the start of a generator or second priority load shedding. Also these inverter-chargers can be supplied in option with a built-in PWM solar charge controller, making them an “all-in-one” solar hybrid system, or a simple self-consumption/backup system.

Ready to use
In addition to their compact construction, these devices are shipped with battery cables already assembled, reducing the system installation and commissioning costs.

The primary parameter adjustments can be done directly on the screen on the device, that also allows to see the different modes of the inverter.

Excellent relationship between price and features
The Compact is a high value Swiss product that brings together the essential functions of a robust and compact construction, meeting all requirements, and with an excellent price-features relationship.

Power P30 / Pnom [VA]Battery voltage Unom [V]Corriente de carga máx. Imax [A]Solar charge controller current (opt.) Imax [A]
XPC+ 1400-121400 / 1100124530
XPC+ 2200-242200 / 1600243730
XPC+ 2200-482200 / 1600482020
C 1600-121600 / 1300125530
C 2600-242600 / 2300245530
C 4000-484000 / 3500484820
  • True sine wave voltage
  • Suitable for any kind of electrical appliance
  • Reliable and silent working with all kind of loads
  • Outstanding overload capabilities
  • Stand-by level adjustable over a large range and from a very low threshold
  • 4 STEP battery charger with PFC (Power Factor Correction)
  • Ultra-fast transfer relay
  • High efficiency
  • Full internal protection
  • Ultra-fast regulation
  • Microprocessor controlled

E Certification Standard
The XPC+ 1400-12, XPC+ 2200-24, C 1600-12 and C 2600-24 are certified in accordance with the ECE-R 10 standard. This certification is mandatory in the European Union for all electrical equipment on board transport vehicles.


RCC-01 Remote control

The RCC-01 remote control allows the user to consult, control and program* the system remotely.A LED display offers a comprehensive view of the batteries charging state and of the output current (or transfer mode input).

*Remote control required for the XPC programming.

Dimensions h x l x w: 135 x 115 x 25 mm.
Supplied with 20m cable.
Programming possible for the ranges XPC and C in the Compact series.

CT-35 Temperature Sensor

This sensor adapts charge levels to the battery’s temperature variations. Supplied with 3m cable.

ARM-01 Auxiliary Relay Module

Equipped with 3 programmed relays and a fourth one which is like the inverter/charger’s auxiliary contact, this module allows the Solsafe system to be implemented.

CFC-01 Cover

This cover offers an additional connection protection by means of glands.

For Compact series’ XPC and C.

Capot C-IP22

The C-IP22 cover increases inverter protection against intrusions and splattering; from IP20 to IP22.

Compact series’ XPC and C.



Solar BTS with inverter/charger Compact

Solar power for BTS with inverter/charger Compact series. A hybrid solution offers to strongly reduce the diesel consumption and to significantly raise the generator efficiency (lowering the operational costs, increasing the lifetime).
The solar energy in excess will be used through the inverter-charger for other loads (AC). Moreover a supervision of the battery is integrated, disconnecting the inverter output if the battery voltage is too low, thus ensuring a longer battery life.

Emergency lighting with inverter/charger Compact

In this configuration, the grid directly supplies emergency lighting through the inverter charger’s “bypass” function. In case of a power drop or cutoff from the grid, the inverter/charger secures the supply to emergency lighting. For instance, this allows a permanent power supply to emergency exit signs.

Backup applications-UPS with solar backup and solar priority with inverter/charger Compact

When it is forbidden or there is no incentive to inject energy into the public grid, the Compact, with optional built-in solar charge controller will minimize the grid consumption in favour of the locally produced energy. They will also guarantee an energy supply in case of grid-failure. This solution is easy to set-up using Studer products. A simple “plug-and-play” solution.

Hybrid system: “plug-and-play” independence with the Compact inverter/charger

With optional built-in solar charge controller
This hybrid system great flexibility in supply and increased autonomy in relation to each energy source. The appliance AC voltage supply is done directly from the energy source through the transfer relay, or from the battery through the inverter function. The charger function allows battery charging with the genset. The the genset’s size can be reduced thanks to the Smart-Boost function. Inverter power range, from 1.1kVA to 4kVA.

Quality AC voltage for all electrical appliances with inverter/charger Compact

The inverter supplies, exclusively from a battery, any kind of appliance using AC voltage, without exception. It does converts the battery’s DC voltage into AC voltage at a higher quality than what is available from the public grid.

Simple solar priority system

Compact series inverter/charger with built-in (or external) solar charger allows to buildup a simple solar backup system with solar priority. The connected loads run on the sun as long as there is enough energy in the system. When the battery is below a certain level, it will rely on the utility grid.

AC power on-board with inverter/charger Compact

The inverter/charger charges the battery from the grid or from a genset, and powers any kind of electrical appliance. It converts the battery DC voltage to AC voltage. The models equipped with the Smart-Boost system enable the addition of the source’s power to that of the inverter.

Inverter power range, from 1.1kVA to 4kVA.

Uninterruptible Power Supply off-line with inverter/charger Compact

In this configuration the grid supplies directly to the appliances, thanks to the inverter/charger’s by-pass function. In case of a power drop or a cut in the grid, the inverter/charger guarantees the appliances’ power supply.


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