CH2000E – BATTERY CHARGER (12V/24V, 20A to 80A)

Lead-acid batteries are made up of several cells, each containing two lead plates submerged in an electrolyte solution of sulfuric acid and water. The plates are separated by a thin insulating material, and each cell produces around 2 volts of power. When the battery is charged, lead sulfate crystals form on the plates, which are then broken down during discharge to release energy.

Over time, lead-acid batteries can lose their capacity due to a process called sulfation, where the lead sulfate crystals harden and become difficult to break down. This can cause the battery to become less efficient and eventually fail.

To prevent sulfation and maintain the capacity of a lead-acid battery, it is essential to use a lead-acid battery charger. There are several types of lead-acid battery chargers available, including trickle chargers, float chargers, and automatic boost/float chargers.

Trickle Chargers
Trickle chargers provide a constant low-level charge to the battery and are best suited for maintaining the battery’s capacity during periods of inactivity. These chargers are affordable and straightforward to use, but they may take longer to charge a depleted battery.

Float Chargers
Float chargers provide a slightly higher charge than trickle chargers and are useful for maintaining the battery’s capacity during regular use. They are designed to deliver a constant voltage to the battery, which helps to prevent sulfation and maintain the battery’s capacity.

Automatic Boost/Float Chargers
Automatic boost/float chargers are designed to provide a high initial charging current to rapidly charge a depleted battery, followed by a lower float charge to maintain the battery’s capacity. These chargers typically have built-in microprocessors that monitor the battery’s voltage and adjust the charging current as needed. They are more expensive than trickle and float chargers, but they offer faster charging times and more advanced features.


The CH-2000E is a Fully Automatic Battery Charger suitable for 12V or 24V Lead Acid Batteries. Output Current ranges from 5 to 80 Amps (max).

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