SR-LG4845 – PWM SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER (12/24/36/48V, 45/30A)

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  • The controller carried with LCM module which can display system status and parameters
  • Begin to ascending charging automatically when the voltage of battery below the ascending charging recover voltage
  • Temperature compensation become more accurate due to Double temperature sensors design,inner temperature sensor test the inner temperature of the controller,outer temperature sensor test the outer temperature of the controller.
  • The controller could figure out everyday’s power of charge and discharge which make user assess the controller and entire system more easily
  • With charging current overload protection function, controller will reduce charge current to protect the charging circuit after it surpass the rated current.
  • A equalizing charge every 30 days in order to prevent battery vulcanization
  • Industrial-grade chips and precision components makes the controller can operate in any harsh environment
  • Design of double MOS series control circuit and PWM dim control make the charging efficiency increased greatly
  • The parameter possess saving function which makes the parameter never be erased after losing the electricity and system become more reliable.
  • Three kinds of load work mode: purely light-operated, light-operated+time controlled,long-term on mode


System voltage12V/24V/36V/48V
Rate charging current45A/30A
Rate load current45A/30A
No load loss<12mA
Charging circuit voltage dropLess or equal to 0.5V
Discharge circuit voltage dropLess or equal to 0.5V
Solar input voltage<140V
Re-entrant boost charge mode voltage13.2V  ×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V
Over voltage protection17.0V  ×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V
limited voltage for charging15.5V  ×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V
Equal chargingvoltageBoost charge voltage +0.5V
Equal charging interval30days
Direct charge voltage14.4V  ×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V
Float charge voltage13.6V  ×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V
Over discharge voltage11.0V  ×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V
Over discharge recover voltage12.5V  ×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V
Equal charging time1H
Boost voltage charging time2H
Temperature compensation-3.0mv/℃/2V
Light-control voltage5V   ×2/24V; ×3/36V; ×4/48V
Light control delay10min
Controller over-temperature protection>90℃
Battery over-temperature protection>55℃
Working temperature-35℃to +85℃
Control methodCharging: PWM
Time of lcd back- light auto shut down30(s)
Data auto transfer time3(s)
Time of Ledlattice closed25(s)
Weight1.08Kg/45A  0.9Kg/30A


SRNE - LG Series (User Manual)

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