Pan Delta design and build Control Panels for Swimming Pools, Jacuzzi and Water Play Fountains. We use the quality components from reputable brands like Hager, Schneider Electric, ABB and Idec in all our Control Panels.

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Our control panel allows the end user to easily control Filtration Pumps, Circulation Pumps, Wall-Wall Pumps, Jacuzzi Pumps, Underwater lights, Solenoid Jets, Heaters, Chillers, etc. Add a duty-standby controller to automatically rotate the operation of pumps so as to prolong their operational lifespan. Backwash function available on request.


We are able to incorporate DMX Controls, Timers and other automation logic to our control panels. Motor may be started depending on your requirements.


Pump motors are protected by Overload Relays in addition to MCB or fuses.


For owners who are concerned about energy usage, we are able to include kWh meters and hour meters for easy tracking and monitoring of energy consumption and cost.


Allow Us To Quote You

Allow us to send you a quotation. Send us the following information so that we can quote you:

  • Input Supply (Voltage, Frequency and Phase)
  • Number of Pumps
    • Voltage and Phase
    • Rating in kW or hp
    • Purpose. E.g. Filter, Circulation, Jets, etc
  • Any other features required:
    • Time Clock
    • Auto / Manual Operation
    • Auto Pump Duty Rotation
    • Backwash function
    • Swimming Pool Lights
    • Power Consumption Meter
    • Any other request.

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