The bi-directional shaft tachometer system consists of two proximity sensors, a signal conditioner (STC-206C) and an analog meter (STC-AMT). The sensors detect the scanning target (mounted on the rotating shaft of the machinery) and produce a frequency signal which is converted into a linear output signal (by the signal conditioner) and fed into the analog meter.

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  • Accurate and reliable
  • Speed range from 0 rpm up to 2000 rpm
  • Bi-directional operation (using a single target)
  • Wide air gap between pickup and target (<= 5mm)
  • Independent zero and span adjustments
  • High quality, illuminated panel meter
  • Able to drive two panel meters in parallel


Best suited for monitoring speed and direction of rotation of marine propeller shafts and other low to moderate speed machinery.

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Ordering Information

  • STC-206C: Analog Signal Conditioner Unit for STC-206 System
  • STC-AMT: Bi-Directional Analog RPM Meter
  • STC-PXS: Proximity Sensor with 2m cable and connector
  • STC-BKT: Bracket for STC-PXS (Proximity Sensors)
  • STC-TGT: Magnetic Target with Belt and Clip (attached around propeller shaft)
  • STC-206(SET1): Analog Bi-Directional Shaft Tachometer System consisting of 1 x STC-206C, 1 x STC-AMT, 2 x STC-PXS, 1 x STC-BKT, 1 x STC-TGT


Scale Type Standard (200, 400, 500 or 600 rpm)Custom (Available on request)
Scale Range250 deg Deflection, 0 to 2000 rpm (per direction)
Scale IlluminationLED Illuminated Dial
Operating Voltage: 24 VDC
Scale CalibrationZero adjustment (electrical and mechanical),
Span Adjustment (electrical)
Scale Accuracy+/- 1 % of full scale
Sensor2 x Proximity Switch (w/ bracket and scanning target)
Detection Distance <= 5mm
Input Voltage24 VDC
Operating Temperature-20 to 50 degC
Operating Relative Humidity0 to 95% (non-condensing)
ConstructionSTC-AMT: Dust-Protected Plastic CaseSTC-206C: IP55 PVC Enclosure
WeightSTC-AMT: 500 g
STC-206C: 450 g
Dimensions(mm)STC-AMT: 100(H) x 110(W) x 85(D)
STC-206C: 120(H) x 165(W) x 80(D)
Warranty1 Year


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