Fire Door Holding Panel


Fire Doors are integral to safety on board any vessel as they contain and prevent the spread of fire. The SOLAS – International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea regulations require that a vessel be equipped with Fire Door Indicator in the Wheelhouse or a continuously manned central station.


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The purpose of the Fire Door Indicator Panel is to provide the crew with visual and audible feedback on the status of the Fire Doors. Each Fire Door is equipped with either a Limit Switch or Proximity Sensor that senses whether a Fire Door is fully closed or not.

At the Fire Door Indicator Panel, a pair of LEDs are used to indicate the open/close status of each door. A green LED illuminates when a Fire Door is fully closed and a red LED will light up otherwise. All Fire Doors are equipped with self-closing mechanism to ensure that the door closes automatically after a person has passed through it. For convenience, it is usually desired that doors be held opened unless there is a fire. Because hold-back hooks not subjected to central control station release are prohibited by SOLAS regulations, these Fire Doors are usually held opened by means of Electromagnetic Door Holders. These door holders are controlled by the Fire Door Indicator Panel and are automatically released in the event of a fire.

Our Fire Door Indicator Panels are designed with fail-safe principles. The panels are supplied by two incoming sources and power supply changeover is performed automatically when one source fails. The Electromagnetic Door Holders are also automatically released in the event of fire (signal from Fire Alarm Panel) or the loss of both incoming supplies. The Fire Door Indicator Panel will also provide visual and audible alarm in the event any one of the Fire Door does not fully close after a Fire Alarm Signal is received or when any one of the incoming sources fail.

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