The ECR-802 Hotel Room Key Tag System helps conserve energy by switching off non-essential electrical devices (such as heating, air conditioning, lighting, radio and television) when the guest leaves the room. This ensures that only occupied rooms consume energy!

The ECR-802 system consists of the key tag holder unit and the control unit.

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  • Reduces energy bill (system pays for itself!)
  • Extend life of light bulbs
  • Provides guest with the ideal place to keep the room key
  • Safe to use (key tag holder unit operates on 12 VDC
  • Suitable for hotels using card or key tag type systems.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design (available in black and white)

Sample Scenario

Assuming each hotel room has the following:

5 x Lamps (at 60 W) = 300 W
1 x Television (at 150 W) = 150 W
1 x Air Conditioning Unit (at 750 W) = 750 W

Total load = (300 + 150 + 750) W = 1200 W or 1.2kWh

Assume energy is priced at $0.20 per kWh, the hotel has a total of 300 rooms with an occupancy of 70% and that
70% of the guests leave the lights and appliances on when they are out of the room and that the potential number
of hours saved per room is 5 hours.

Potential energy saving (in kWh) = 300 rooms x 70% x 70% x 1.2 kWh x 5 hours x 365 days = 321930 kWh/year
Potential energy saving (in $) = 321930 kWh x $0.20/kWh = $64386/year


DescriptionECR-802 with card holder unitECR-802 with keytag holder unit
Sensor Type
Limit Switch (Mechanical)Reed Switch (Magnetic)
Output Current (at 24 VDC)2.4 Amps2.5 Amps
Supply Voltage
220 to 240 VAC
Operating Voltage
12 VDC
FinishingHolder Unit: Matted Plastic (available in black or white)
WeightECR-802(CKH)/ECR-802(KTH): 100g
ECR-802(CU): 360g
Dimensions (mm)ECR-802(CKH)/ECR-802(KTH): 85(W) x 85(H) x 25(D)
ECR-802(CU): 115(W) x 55(H) x 110(D)
Warranty1 Year (Limited Warranty)



Ordering Information

  • ECR-802(CKH)_BLACK – Card Key Holder for ECR-802 System (Black)
  • ECR-802(CKH)_WHITE – Card Key Holder for ECR-802 System (White)
  • ECR-802(KTH)_BLACK – Key Tag Holder for ECR-802 System (Black)
  • ECR-802(KTH)_WHITE – Key Tag Holder for ECR-802 System (White)
  • ECR-802(CU) – Control Unit for ECR-802 System
  • ECR-802(KT) – Key Tag (White Blank) for ECR-802(KTH)
  • ECR-802(PRT) – Printing Service for Key Tag (only)
  • ECR-802C(SET) – Hotel Room Key Tag System (Card Key Type)
  • ECR-802K(SET) – Hotel Room Key Tag System (Key Tag Type)

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