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  • Except HP4830 /40, 12V/ 24 V system voltages are automatically recognized.
  • Charging program options for sealed, GEL and flooded lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries are available.
  • An upgraded 3-stage PWM charging algorithm is adopted. Application of an equalizing charge to the battery periodically or when over discharged, can effectively prevent the battery from non-equalization and sulfuration, thus extending the battery’s service life (with the exception of GEL and lithium batteries).
  • With temperature compensation employed, charging parameters can be automatically adjusted (with the exception of lithium batteries).
  • A wide range of load working modes facilitate the product’s application to different types of street lights and monitoring devices.
  • The product provides overcharge, over-discharge, overload protection, as well as short-circuit and reverse-connection protection.
  • By virtue of an advanced load starting method, large-capacitance loads can be started smoothly.
  • A range of parameter settings and power-down saving functions are available ,thus requiring no repeated setting.
  • The product provides a dot matrix graphic LCD screen and a human-machine interface with 2 keys.
  • The user-friendly design of browser and animation interfaces ensures convenient and intuitive operations.
  • (An optional communication function) provides a RJ12 data port (output of TTL /MAX232 /bluetooth signals), with the data adopting the standardModbus protocol, and can be used together with our upper computer monitoring software.
  • Boasting an industrial grade design, the product can function well in various tough conditions.
  • TVS lighting protection is adopted.


Rated current30A/40A50A/60A30A/40A
System voltageAutomatic recognition of 12V/24V48V 
No-load loss< 13mA/12V;< 15mA/24V<20mA 
Max. Solar energy input voltage<55V<110V 
Max. voltage at the battery end<34V<68V 
Max. voltage at the battery endParameters Default SLD
Flooded FLDSealed SLDGEL GELLithium LI
Overvoltage protection16.0V×1/12V; ×2/24V; ×4/48V;
Equalizing charging voltage14.8V14.6V
Boost charging voltage14.6V14.4V14.2V14.4V
Floating charging voltage13.8V13.8V13.8V
Charging recovery voltage13.2V
Over-discharge recovery voltage12.5V(settable with the keys)
Over-discharge voltage11.0V(settable with the keys)
Equalizing charging interval30days
Equalizing charging time1H
Boost charging time2H
Temperature compensation-3.0mV/℃/2V
Light controlvoltageLight control on 5V, light control off 4 V (light control on minus 1 V)×1/12V; ×2/24V; ×4/48V;
Light control judgment time10 minutes
USB functionYesNoNo
Operating temperature-25℃to+55℃;
IP protection degreeIP30
Net weight390g650g650g
Protection functionsattery reverse connection protection, solar panel reverse connection protection, reverse charging protection at night
Charging overload protection,overcurrent protection, short circuit protection

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