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Shenzhen Shuori New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2009, SRNE has registered capital of 10.5 million yuan. Located in Baoan district Shenzhen Guangdong Province China. They have been making improvements in their processes, quality and market development to become one of the leading providers of photovoltaic controllers and solutions.

SRNE's range of products include Intelligent Solar Charge Controllers, LED Dedicated Solar Controllers, Electricity Hybrid Controllers, Street Light Controllers, Home System Controllers, Electric Station Controller, MPPT Solar Controller and Solar Peripheral Products.  


Solar Home Charge Controllers

HP Series - Smart Solar Charge Controller


LG Series


ML Series


MT Series

  • SR-MT2410


Solar Street Light Controllers

DH Series

  • SR-DH20 
  • SR-DH50 
  • SR-DH60
  • SR-DH100
  • SR-DH20-LI
  • SR-DH50-LI
  • SR-DH60-LI
  • SR-DH100-LI


DHK Series

  • SR-DHK50
  • SR-DHK100


SL Series

  • SR-SL2410
  • SR-SL2420


SES Series

  • SR-SES20-IR2
  • SR-SES60


DM Series

  • SR-DM60
  • SR-DM120
  • SR-DM120-U
  • SR-DM160
  • SR-DM160-U


MES Series

  • SR-MES60


MPL Series

  • SR-MPL2415
  • SR-MPL2415-U
  • SR-MPL2415-D
  • SR-MPL2415-UD


MH Series

  • SR-MH60



  • SR-RM-1
  • SR-RM-3

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10 Admiralty Street, 
#04-76, North Link Building, 
Singapore 757695
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri.: 8.30am to 6.00pm
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