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Morningstar Corporation is a world-leading supplier of solar charge controllers & inverters, with over 3 million units installed in over 112 countries. Morningstar’s products have been recognized in international solar markets as the most advanced and highest quality products available.

Morningstar’s products have been recognized in international solar markets as the most advanced and highest-quality products available. Their products exceed all other PV controllers & inverters for protection against extreme environments, corrosion, lightning surges and harsh ambient operating temperatures (common to remote PV systems)—all while delivering more than twice the industry’s average operating life.


MPPT Controllers

Tristar MPPT Controllers (30A/45A/60A)

Prostar MPPT Controllers (25A/40A)

SunSaver MPPT Solar Controller


PWM Controllers

SunLight PWM Solar Lighting Controller

ProStar PWM Charge Controller



SureSine Solar Inverter (300W)



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