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Shaft Speed Tachometer System



The Bi-Directional Shaft Speed Tachometer System consists of two proximity sensors, a Signal Conditioner (STC-207C) and a Digital Display (STC-DMT). The sensors detect the metallic target (mounted on the propeller shaft or other machinery shaft) and produce a frequency signal which is read by the Signal Conditioner. The Signal Conditioner will send data via a RS-485 data link to the digital display which shows the RPM readings.



  • Highly accurate (accurate within 1 rpm)
  • Reliable operation
  • Speed range from 0 rpm up to 1500 rpm
  • Bi-directional operation (using a single target)
  • Wide air gap between pickup and target (<= 5mm)
  • Independent zero and span adjustments
  • High quality, illuminated digital meter (with RPM scale and digital RPM readout)
  • Panel Mountable Digital Meter (DIN Box)
  • Auto dimming LED display
  • Able to interface to more than 10 digital meters!
  • Able to work across long cabling distances (up to 300 meters)



  • Best suited for monitoring speed and direction of rotation of marine propeller shafts and other low to moderate speed machineries

Ordering Information (Part Numbers)

  • STC-207C: Digital Signal Conditioner Unit for STC-207 System
  • STC-DMT: Bi-Directional Digital RPM Meter
  • STC-PXS: Proximity Sensor with 2m cable and connector
  • STC-BKT: Bracket for STC-PXS (Proximity Sensors)
  • STC-TGT: Magnetic Target with Belt and Clip (attached around propeller shaft)
  • STC-207(SET1): Digital Bi-Directional Shaft Tachometer System consisting of 1 x STC-207C, 1 x STC-DMT, 2 x STC-PXS, 1 x STC-BKT, 1 x STC-TGT


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