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The CH-2000E is a Fully Automatic Battery Charger suitable for 12V or 24V Lead Acid Batteries. Output Current ranges from 5 to 80 Amps (max). 



  • Fully Automatic Charging Algorithm (Boost & Trickle) 
  • Input Supply: 110VAC / 230VAC / 440VAC (specify required input supply when ordering)
  • 20 to 80 Amp Output (specify required rating when ordering)
  • Voltmeter & Ammeter
  • Charger Failure Indication
  • Battery Under/Over Voltage Indication (optional)
  • Dual Input Supply with Automatic Supply Changeover (optional)
  • Soft start for increased charger life
  • Output is regulated and current limited.
  • Suitable for Wall-Mounting
  • Easy to install 



Ordering Information (Part Numbers)

  • CH-2000E(1220) - 12V 20A Battery Charger
  • CH-2000E(1240) - 12V 40A Battery Charger
  • CH-2000E(1260) - 12V 60A Battery Charger
  • CH-2000E(2420) - 24V 20A Battery Charger
  • CH-2000E(2440) - 24V 40A Battery Charger
  • CH-2000E(2460) - 24V 60A Battery Charger
  • CH-2000E(2460)/440 - 24V 60A Battery Charger (440VAC)


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