Hospital Call System
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Hospital Call System


The Hospital / Nurse Call System is designed for use on marine vessels.

A typical system might consist of the following components:

  • 1 x HCS-MP - Main Panel
  • 1 x HCS-SP - Sub/Repeater Panel
  • 3 x HCS-CS(BED) - Bed Call Unit
  • 1 x HCS-CS(TLT) - Toilet Call Unit

We can customize each system to accommodate any number of Call Units and Repeater Panels - as per requirements.


Principle of Operation

When a patient requires assistance from the medical personnel, he/she activates the call alarm by pressing a button on the call pendant (located near the patient's bed) or pulls a cord (located in the toilet).

On the Main Panel (and Repeater Panel, if installed), aural and visual indications are provided by the Main Panel's Buzzer and Call Indicator Light respectively. Individual call indicator light (one for each call point) enables the medic to identify the exact location of the call. 

The buzzer can be silenced either at the Main Panel or Repeater Panel However, for safety reasons, the call indicator can only be extinguished at the Call Units.


Key Features

  • Highly reliable operation.
  • Simple to use and install.
  • HCS-04 (Standard Product) - Off the shelf and ready to use with 1 x HCS-SP (Repeater Panel) + 4 x HCS-CS (Call Units)
  • Customizable (on request) - We are equipped to provide a customized system that interfaces to any number of Repeater and Call Units.
  • Able to fulfill Safe Return To Port (SRTP) requirements (if required).
  • Dual Panel (fully redundant).


Dimensions (for HCS-04 only)

Hospital Call System Main Panel Dimension

Hospital Call System Sub Alarm Panel Dimension

Hospital Call System Bed Call Unit Dimension

Hospital Call System Toilet Call Unit Dimension



Typical Connection

Hospital Call System Typical Connection



Spares Ordering Information (Part Numbers)

  • HCM-004 V1.00 - 4-Channel Alarm Module
  • HCS-MP - Main Panel (4-Channel)
  • HCS-SP - Sub/Repeater Panel
  • HCS-CS(BED) - Bed Call Unit
  • HCS-CS(TLT) - Toilet Call Unit

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