Helideck Lighting Control System
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Our Helideck Lighting Controllers are customised to the specifications of each landing platform. 

It is a complete control system for all helideck lights. We offer console mounting and wall-mounting options so the panel can be install on the bridge console or on the wall in the radio equipment room.

The control panel consist of a user intuitive designed mimic panel that is reversed silkscreen printed on high quality & durable polycarbonate. The mimic provides the operator with easy reference to the layout, arrangements and colour of the Navigation Aids such as Perimeter Lights, Flood Lights, Windsock Lights, Obstruction Lights, Status Lights, Walkway/Passageway lights, etc.

The Helideck Lighting Control Panel accepts a Single Input Supply from a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or Dual Incoming Supply. For systems with Dual Incoming Supply, we offer Supply Failure Alarm and Auto-Source Changeover to ensure continued operation even when a single supply fails. All panel lights comes with dimmers (as per regulations).

If required, we are able to provide additional repeater panels or a Touch Panel system which may be located far away from the Main Panel.


Gallery - Helideck Lighting Panel

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