DP Alert Status System
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Dynamic Positioning Alert System



The DP Status Alert System is essentially a Traffic Light System that is used to warn Dive Controllers when there is a problem with the vessel's Dynamic Positioning (DP) System. This allows the dive controller to take any necessary actions or precautions to ensure the safety of the divers.

This system is required for all dive support vessels and we are seeing an increase in the number of vessels being converted for use as Dive Support Vessels. Our DP Status Alert System is customizable and scalable according to our customer's requirements / complexity.

In a basic system, the DP status (Green, Amber, Red or Blue) is selected manually via push-button switches. Alternatively, you may opt to have the system interfaced to the DP computers so that the DP status is updated automatically.



  • Any number of Slave/Repeater Units
  • Small & Compact Design
  • Indoor and Outdoor Repeater Panels available (Up to IP-67)
  • Designed according to IMCA M 103 Guidelines
  • Uses Marine Approved components
  • Fully Customizable


Visual and Audible Characteristics

A system of lights and audible alarms should be used in a manner similar to other DP Operations with audible and visual indications in the above locations. The light should be as follows:

  • Normal status – GREEN Light. Full DP diving operations can be undertaken.
  • Degraded status – YELLOW Light.
  • Emergency status – RED Light with accompanying distinctive alarm.
  • Advisory Status - BLUE Light.


More Information / References

  IMCA M 103 REV 1 - DEC 2007 - Guidelines for the Design and Operation of Dynamically Positioned Vessels


  IMCA M 103 REV 2 - APR 2016 - Guidelines for the Design and Operation of Dynamically Positioned Vessels



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