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The PMR-3 Phase Monitoring Relay is used to monitor 3-Phase Supply Voltages for 1) Correct Phase Sequence, 2) Phase Loss/Failure and 3) Under-Voltage (with time delay). The early detection and response to these faults will help protect equipment from damage due to supply failure/faults.



  • Phase Failure / Phase Loss Detection
  • Under-Voltage Detection (adjustable between 300..500V)
  • Incorrect Phase Sequence Detection
  • Adjustable Fault to Relay Activation Delay (0.1..10s)
  • 300 to 500 VAC Supply Monitoring
  • DIN-Rail Mountable


Timing Diagram

Connection Diagram




Supply Voltage
(Phase to Phase)

300 to 500 VAC
Supply Frequency Range 48 to 63 Hz

Relay Drop Out Voltage
(User Adjustable)

Full Left = 300 VAC, Middle = 400 VAC, Full Right = 500 VAC
Time Delay (t)
(User Adjustable)
Full Left = 0.1 s, Middle = 5 s, Full Right = 10 s
Output Relay

Contact Arrangement = DPDT
Contact Rating: 8A, 250VAC (resistive load)

Mounting Type DIN-Rail Mountable Enclosure
Dimensions W55 x D73 x H112 mm
Weight 150 g
Operating Temperature -20 to 60 degC


Demo Video



Ordering Information (Part Numbers)

  • PMR-3 - 3-Phase Monitoring Relay
  • PFR-3 - 3-Phase Monitoring Relay (Obsolete. Replaced by PMR-3)

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