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Lamp Dimmers

DIM-50 - DC Lamp Dimmer (50 Watts)


The DIM-50 is a cost effective and reliable method of safely controlling the intensity of DC Lamps. This popular module is widely used by in marine control panels to dim the intensity of pilot lights in the wheelhouse / bridge.

More than 15,000 sold!


  • Input Voltage: 12 to 28 VDC
  • Output Rating: 50 Watts
  • Output Voltage: Regulated
  • Drives up to 50 incandescent bulbs or 125 LEDs


  • Dimming of Indicator Lights on Marine Control Panels (used in the wheelhouse / bridge area)
  • Map/Chart reading lamps


Model DIM-50(NEG) DIM-50(POS)
Description: Negative Type Lamp Dimmer Positive Type Lamp Dimmer
 Supply Voltage (Vsupply): 12 to 28 VDC
Output Voltage Range:  1 to (Vsupply - 4) Volts 3 to (Vsupply - 3) Volts
 Output Current (at 24 VDC) 2.5 Amps (Max)
Output Rating:  50 Watts @ 24 VDC 
Intended Load: DC Indicator Incandescent or LED Bulbs / DC Motor
 Control Potentiometer Value: 5 k-ohm  
 Protection: Fused  
 Operating Temperature:   -20 to 50 degC
Dimensions: W51 x D89 x H25 mm
Weight: 100 g
Warranty: 1 Year



Ordering Information (Part Numbers)

  • DIM-50(NEG) - Negative Type Dimmer
  • DIM-50(NEG/PK) - Negative Type Dimmer with 5k potentiometer
  • DIM-50(POS) - Positive Type Dimmer
  • DIM-50(POS/PK) - Positive Type Dimmer with 5k potentiometer
-20 to 65 degC

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