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Pan Delta Controls

Jan 2012 - Acquisition of QM-2100 Pick & Place Machine

Pan Delta Controls has purchased a QM-2100 Automatic Pick and Place Machine which will contribute to significant increase in production throughput, improved product quality and reliability.


DP Status Alert System

The DP Status Alert System is a system that is used to warn dive controllers when there is a problem with the vessel's Dynamic Positioning (DP) System. This allows the dive controller to take any necessary actions or precautions to ensure the safety of the divers.

Click here to find out more.


New Product: GA-712 - DIN Rail Mountable Signal Generator Module

We're pleased to announce the launch of the GA-712, a DIN-Rail Mountable Signal Generator module. This microprocessor based module produces the General Alarm (7 Short, 1 Long) or Abandon Ship (1 Short, 1 Long) signal and is designed for use in Marine Fire Alarm Panels. Click here for more information.


Featured Product: RTI-420(2W) - Resistance Transmitter

The RTI-420(2W) is a 2-wire loop powered resistance to current transmitter designed using precision current output converters. It is designed to transmit analog 4 to 20mA signals over an industry standard current loop and provide accurate current scaling and output current limit functions. Click here for more information.


Featured Product: MSC-021 - 1 Duty 1 Standby Control Module

The MSC-021 is a 1 Duty, 1 Standby Controller with a built-in 12/24 hour timer. The MSC-021 adds a level of redundancy to critical processes by ensuring that a standby motor (or other device) takes over seamlessly in the event the main motor fails. In processes which requires 24x7 operation, the MSC-021 also helps prolongs the lifespan of a motor by alternating between the two between time-clock intervals.

For more information on the MSC-021. Please click here.


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