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The DMX-RL8 DMX Relay Module provides On/Off control for up to 8 devices using the well-known DMX-512A protocol. It features an isolated receiver with a passive DMX THRU port. The DMX start slot is selectable from the full range of 1 to 512 (via onboard dip-switches) The DMX-RL8 uses 8 DMX slots and is able process the incoming DMX data stream at its full speed (maximum update rate of 44 updates per second).




  • 8 x DMX Controlled Relay Outputs
  • Isolated Receiver
  • Full DMX data rate (44 updates per second)
  • DMX Start Slot selectable between 1 and 512 (0 to 511 on DIP-Switch)
  • DIP-Switch selectable termination
  • LED Indicators for Supply, DMX Receive and Individual Relays
  • DMX THRU Terminals (Passive Loop)
  • Able to switch loads up to 10 Amps



  • Control of non-DMX devices such as:
    • Fountain Solenoid Jets
    • Fog Machines
    • Confetti Cannons
    • Fans



Parameter Description
Number of Relay Outputs 8
Supply Voltage

12VDC (+/- 10%)

Response Time ~25ms (typical)
Power Consumption 0.4A @ 12 VDC (Full Load)
Data-In Protocol DMX512-A
Maximum Update Rate 44 Updates / second
Termination Resistor 120-ohm (Jumper Selectable)
DMX Start Address Slot 1 to 512 (0 - 511 on DIP Switch)
Isolated Receiver Yes
DMX THRU Yes (Passive Loop)
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 degC
Over Current Protection PTC Fuse (0.5A)
Relay Contact Rating

7A @ 250VAC
10A @ 24VDC

Relay Output Latency

1 DMX Packet

Relay Activation Condition

Relay ON when DMX Slot >= 127,
Relay OFF when DMX  Slot < 127

DMX Unit Load 1 Unit
DMX Data Loss Handling Maintain Last State
DMX START Code Handling Responds to NULL START code, all other codes ignored.
LED Indication Power, DMX Data Received, Relay Status (Individual)
Dimensions 5.6" x 3.3"
Weight 250g
Warranty 1 Year (Limited Warranty)


Ordering Information (Part Numbers)

  • DMX-RL8 REV B1 - 8-Channel DMX Controlled Relay Module (Firmware version: 2.00)
  • DMX-RL8(12V) REV A0 - 8 Channel DMX Controlled Relay Module (12 VDC) [Obsolete]
  • DMX-RL8(24V) REV A0 - 8 Channel DMX Controlled Relay Module (24 VDC) [Obsolete]


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