Inventia - MT-100 Telemetry Module

Warranty (3 Years)Galvanic Isolation of I/Os and PortsUser ProgrammableDevice Support SMS CommunicationDevice supports Email communication2G CompliantIcon   IO Count (8 16DI, 0 8DO)Number of Analog I/OsDataloggerDIN-Rail MountableBuilt-In RS232 Port


MT-100 module offers ultimate price/feature ratio. It has the same, known for high quality, input/output resources as MT-101. It lacks only the communication port and buttons for manual setting alarm thresholds. PLC functionality allows creating programs up to 100 lines of code. With price set at the same level as for MT-3XX economic series of telemetry modules, MT-100 is a perfect choice for applications where advanced features of MT-101 module are not necessary, but the same level of reliability (3-year-warranty) is expected. MT-100 connectors are compatible with MT 101 allowing easy product migration over time, when more sophisticated programs or local communication with external devices is required.


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 Download - Inventia MT-100 Datasheet