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Inventia MT-723PT

Warranty (3 Years)Energy Saving DeviceGPS Receiver Built InDevice Support SMS Communication2G CompliantIO Count (6DI, 2DO)IO Count (3AI)DataloggerIP 68


Waterproof measuring module recording and transmission MT-723 is also available with built-in pressure transducer. Module’s connection to the point of pressure measurement is made using a flexible air hose and a convenient quick release coupling. The MT-723 PT is ideal for monitoring, of water supply points It provides simultaneous measurement of flow and pressure with leak detection. The availability of two additional analog inputs, five binary / counter inputs and two digital outputs provides temperature, humidity, pressure and stress measurements together with detection of alarm conditions (such as well’s opening or flood,) as well as remote control of valves. The module can be optionally equipped with a GPS receiver (localization, time synchronization).

Battery-powered units portfolio has been extended with MT-723 model with integrated PT pressure transducer. The new device is the answer for customers demand for convenient implementation of the pressure measurements without the need for expensive converter with IP68 protection class for harsh environmental conditions. A standard built-in transmitter module enables the pressure measurement in the range 0 ... 10 bar with an accuracy of 0.5%.(other ranges are available optionally).

The external standard quick coupler provides convenient connection by a flexible air hose to the measurement point of pressure. The signal from the transducer is fed to the analog input AN1. The remaining 2 analog inputs AN2 and AN3 can be used to connect external transmitters such as: temperature, level, pressure, strain, humidity, and other sensors. The module provides the voltage supply for external sensors only for a short measurement time, minimizing the energy consumption . The advantage of the built-in pressure sensor is to ensure high degree of protection for measuring sensor against the harmful effects of environmental factors such as humidity or condensation of water vapors. MT-723 PT retains full functionality of the MT-723 module. The only exception is the analog input AN3 permanently allocated to the pressure measurement. Both versions allow the user to realize wireless, battery-operated measuring system recording and alerting via GSM / GPRS in the environment with high humidity, exposed to the temporary flooding by the water.


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