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At Pan Delta, we provide a complete selection of industrial and marine control panels and electronic modules for alarm, monitoring and control purposes. We can also design and build custom control panels to match your requirements/specifications. On top of providing control panel fabrication services, we also offer green energy products such as Solar Charge Controllers and Solar Powered Monitoring Panels.



Pan Delta is proud to have collaborated with National University of Singapore on a Data Acquisition Project. The project involves the design and fabrication of a Data Acquisition System based on a National Instrument CompactDAQ (cDAQ-9178) which has eight-slot USB Chassis and some 76 input/output parameters. Pan Delta was involved from the onset to provide inputs on the design and implementation of the system. We also provided on-site wiring, testing and commissioning of the system. 

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We are able to offer Data Acquisition & Logging System for almost any application.

Measure, log and analyse Analog Inputs from Thermocouples, RTD, mV or mA Sensors/Transducers. 

Pan Delta Controls is able to offer testbed/testbench solutions using LabView software and hardware from National Instruments as well as all major PLC manufacturers.

Remote Data Logging Panels powered by Solar Panels are also available upon request. 




We are a Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC) certified bizSAFE Level 3 Company

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